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How It Works??

Our In-House local technicians install a small radio and antenna on or near your house or building. They align it for optimal signal to one of our 100+ towers. A cable is run from the radio to a router which delivers the internet connection. And boom! You’re now connected to the latest carrier-grade equipment for reliable, high-speed internet.

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MacWifi Networks Broadband delivers massive amounts of bandwidth to our towers which are interconnected with carrier grade wireless backbones and fiber from multiple providers. Our customers’ data is typically never more than a tower or two away from the speed and reliability of fiber. unWired Broadband is “the last mile” wireless bridge from our towers to our customer’s sites. This eliminates the need for expansive fiber build outs as well as the potential need for other costly wire-line solutions.

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Work team

Manager (Technical)

Hammad Ahmad


Abdullah Choudhary

Manager (Operation)

Fahad Farooq

Why MacWifi Networks Broadband Internet?

1) Locally Owned:
With central headquarters Jaranwala, Faisalabad we feel an extra level of responsibility to provide a superior product and enhanced customer experience.

2) No Data Limits:
Download or upload at your maximum rates 24/7! Never worry about getting throttled to dial speeds or getting hit with large overage charges again.

2 Guaranteed Speeds:
Unlike our competitors we offer guaranteed minimum speeds ranging from 75% to 100% of the maximum noted speed.

4) In-House Support:
We don’t outsource technical support to call centers. Our representatives work alongside our engineers and network monitoring personnel.

5) No Hidden Charges:
When you sign up with unWired there are no hidden or additional charges. When you enroll with a 1400/- PKR per month plan, 1400/- PKR is what you pay.

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